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Tuesday, November 07 2017

My son was diagnosed with ASD earlier this year. He had just turned three. It was a very stressful time as my partner and I tried to figure out how best to help and support our son.  

Hope Montessori and Autism Care Centre stands out in my mind as a beacon of light in this stressful and incredibly challenging time.

I remember crying tears of relief when my son was accepted into Hope. Suddenly, there was some clarity; there was a way forward. I knew that, at Hope, he would receive the appropriate support to help him to reach his full potential.

At the information day, I was so impressed by the fact that absolutely nothing phased the staff - they had seen and dealt with it all before. That was so reassuring.

And this is reflected in my son's experience. He has attended Hope for only a few months and loves his new school. He is doing so well and is achieving milestones that seemed out of reach just a few months ago. And it's not just the curriculum:  Hope goes above and beyond to expose the children to as many extra curricular activities as possible; swimming is my son's current favourite.

Hope is enabling my son to reach his full potential academically, while teaching and reinforcing the all-important life skills, social skills, interpersonal and communication skills.

I can't speak highly enough of Hope and the service they provide, and can think of no organisation more worthy of the recognition and support that they truly deserve.


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