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Wobblers, Toddlers, Preschool, Early intervention preschool class & afterschool class

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Hope provides a safe and secure establishment for typical children and children with a diagnosis of ASD. Using evidence based practices like ABA, Montessori, PECs and the Primary Curriculum ensures that the methods we used derives from proven research.   READ MORE
Social interaction skills are a developmental area in which many children with autism need a great deal of help. A group daycare setting can certainly provide opportunities for learning or reinforcing those crucial social skills. READ MORE
Each child will be cared for according to his/her needs and ability.  The children in our mainstream class are all assessed on their individual abilities. We ensure that all the children will be taught using their strengths and where needed will be taught on a 1:1 basics in that area until they have grasped the skill to do it independently.  READ MORE